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Welcome to Science Facts and Activity Books

Hello and welcome to Science Facts and Activity Books,


My name is David P. Mitchell and I had a love for Science since growing up on a farm as a little boy. I have spent much of my life studying earning a PhD and have loved teaching STEM subjects during my academic career. Since retiring from academia I now focus on publishing Science Activity books because I love to provide quality learning opportunities for children through activities, inspiring a love for Science and opening up a lifetime of discovery for young minds.
I live in beautiful Melbourne in Australia with my wife and two children and love to walk in nature and paint with oils.

I created this website to provide books and resources that help children discover the joy of science through activities, and help parents keep active children engaged using fun and educational activities. These include easy to follow home experiments, projects, codes and ciphers as well as puzzle books such as Sudoku, Nurikabe, Kakuro, Mine Finder, and Cryptograms.

On this website you will find blogs, newsletter updates and of course our books with lots of ideas for home activities for your children. I very much hope they find these resources fun and educational.

Thanks for joining us! To find out more and sign up for our newsletter send me an email at


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